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Current CBD Deals

We Always Have Great CBD Deals

Chill Frog CBD is priced at a great everyday value for our premium, organic, full-spectrum CBD so you know you're getting an amazing product at a great price even at non-sale pricing.  

We nearly always have a discount or promotion going on of some sort to encourage you to try our products and motivate repurchase. Most CBD users feel the greatest benefits when they use product consistently. We are proud to say that our repurchase rate is quite high with over 50% of customers buying from us again. That's a testament to our high-quality products. 

Current Deal

Our Tincture Drops are priced 50% off now through October, 2022.  You simply will not find this quality of full-spectrum CBD drops for this price.  Anywhere.  Period.  Take advantage!    🧊🐸