About Us

We're on a mission to bring a little chill to a stressed out world.


Chill Frog CBD was started by a group of close friends who are just like you! We each discovered the calming, natural benefits full-spectrum CBD can offer as a means of coping with the increasing stress of everyday life - especially when combined with healthy practices like exercise, yoga, and meditation.

In the confusing world of CBD, we bring clarity. We deliver premium, organic, made-in-the USA full-spectrum CBD at a great value to make CBD more accessible. All delivered to your pad with simple, clear explanations, and a fun, approachable personality.

That's where our Frog comes in. He's as chill as can be and perfectly brings to life what we're all about.

Plus, he's kind of a cool mascot.

Chill Frog

In a fast-accelerating, hyper-intense, stressful world, we're here to help you FIND YOUR CHILL.

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Our Mission

Provide the most effective, highest value products to help people responsibly & naturally find their chill in a stressful world. We make every aspect of our business SIMPLE and EASY to understand. Most importantly, we treat our customers like family.

Our Values

We strive to create BALANCE


We focus on what matters to our CUSTOMERS

We keep things SIMPLE

Our Foundational β€œLily pads”

Consistent Dosing – what we label is what you get

Simplicity – easy to understand & select what is right for you

Quality – only the purest ingredients – all sourced from the USA

Education – explanations to bring clarity to the confusing CBD world

Value – Premium performance at a fair price