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I've always been a bit tightly wound and have battled stress and anxiety throughout my life. Like many people, and I suspect some of you reading this, I've been able to hide it really well. I look like a duck gliding calmly on the surface, but feeling my feet paddling like crazy below.  Sometimes it's powerful and inescapable, while other times, it just sneaks up on me like a killer in a slasher movie. Those are worst since I don't always even understand why that "fight or flight" response has kicked in...I just know I'm stressed. 

Of course, daily exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet are always good ideas and helpful and I've incorporated them into my life with success. In addition to those things, CBD has helped me. It just has a way of taking the edge off a bit and helping me to relax. Life still throws all its curveballs, but for me, that fight or flight response gets suppressed a bit and I'm better able to face the day more calmly. I certainly hope it will help you!

The CBD industry is full of false promises and unsubstantiated research which will hopefully be addressed by the FDA sooner than later. I will occasionally post articles here that I hope will be helpful.  Below is one from Forbes that I found interesting and references some scientific studies.  

Forbes Article

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