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Are Chill Frog Full Spectrum Tinctures Better than the Strongest CBD Products?

More and more people every day are discovering and entering the world of CBD.  But what they’re finding is thousands of products and confusion, leading most away from the benefits that CBD can offer.  The problem with the CBD category is that many sites simply throw up a bunch of product without any education on how to take it and what expectations the consumer should have.  For those that do purchase CBD, many are left unimpressed and describe the product as ineffective, or even worse, snake oil. 

To maximize the benefits of CBD

You should take it daily, whether that is at night to promote deeper sleep and repair, or during the day where anxieties can hit their highest point. Taking CBD daily allows the body to fight inflammation on a more continuous basis, leading to a more sustained and healthier quality of life. It’s like exercise, you can’t simply do it once a month and expect to be in shape. It’s a commitment to your health over time.

In addition to staying with a daily routine, how you take the product can make a huge difference. Chill Frog gummies are effective because the gummy format allow us to combine the right mix of CBD, THC, and melatonin to promote the best sleep or calming effect possible. However, tincture drops (oil) are the most effective format, providing quicker relief and a much more potent form of CBD, especially when administered under the tongue.

Placing CBD oil under the tongue is called sublingual administration.  Dosing up to 1ml of CBD oil under your tongue allows the CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the tissues in your tongue. Sublingual administration is actually rather similar to buccal administration, which is where you place a substance between your gums and cheek. This is why tobacco ‘chew’ users place it here… because it absorbs quickly. CBD can only be put to good use in the body when it enters the bloodstream. Taking products that force the compound to go on a long-winded journey through the body is rarely effective. Chill Frog Calming Tinctures administered in the sublingual areas allows you to quickly get the benefits of CBD into your bloodstream, proving to be the most effective delivery method.

Many CBD product formats have absorption rates of less than 10%.  That means 90% of the CBD goes to waste and never fully enters the bloodstream. This is due to the longer digestive process required to breakdown product formats, resulting in less effectiveness and delayed benefits. Sublingual application absorption rates are usually 2X-3X higher and felt within 5 minutes of taking the tincture drops under your tongue, thus providing maximum benefit when you need it most.

It should be noted that everyone is different and you may need to start with a lower dose and move up or down from there based upon how your body feels.